Piotr Kunicki

Piotr Kunicki

Hailing from a village on the outskirts of Nowy Sacz in southern Poland, Piotr is the most recent addition to our development team. After gaining his degree in computer science, Piotr went on to gain a Master’s degree in IT Security and Data Exploration before heading out into the big wide world, gaining experience first in IT helpdesks before taking his interest in WordPress to a new commercial level, becoming a freelance web developer for several years before finally joining GavickPro as a WordPress Web Developer in 2012.

In his role with us, Piotr helps make the theme designs provided by Robert Gavick a reality, building the code needed to bring them to life. Piotr also has a hand in crafting and updating our WordPress plugins and widgets, adding new features and fixing any bugs that come up down the line with each new iteration of WordPress. Never one to rest on his laurels, when he isn’t buried knee-deep in code Piotr can be found answering questions on our support forum and ticket system, or writing a practical blog post to help you overcome those little challenges that working with WordPress sometimes tosses up.

Whenever Piotr manages to escape from work, he’ll be found hanging out with his family or partaking in some tiring sporty activity that makes the rest of us look bad, from snowboarding to volleyball. In fact, his volleyball team recently ranked 5th in the Amateur Championships in Poland!

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