Quark v.1.1.2 released – improved search page, new cookie banner and fixes galore!

The newest Quark template release comes packed with a few snazzy visual enhancements, changes to existing features to make them more consistent and flexible, and small fixes that take care of some bugs found by our users and other minor things that help improve efficiency.

Restyled Cookie Consent Banner

We decided to restyle the Cookie Consent banner, starting from scratch and reworking it so that it fits more naturally with the template aesthetic:

Cookie law bar

We’ve also removed a few redundant options in regards to style selection, script loading and CSS styles to avoid confusion.

Refreshed search pages

Continuing our visual tweaks, we’ve made changes to the design of the search pages to make bring them closer in design to the additional pages offered in Quark, with large titles and colored backgrounds:

Search page

In addition, there’s a new option to set a header image specifically for search pages for that little extra touch:

Search page new option

Page Logo Improvements

Quark already offered options for text or graphical logos on the site, but there was a little issue; whilst text logos could be switched between light or dark text so they it would be visible in the menu no matter the background image or color, graphic logos were stuck with just the one type.

Now, a new option has been added for specifying two separate graphic logos; one light, one dark. This way you can ensure that your logo will be displayed clearly just like the text logo:

Double logo

Thanks to the script in the page structure there’s only ever one logo element loaded on the page to keep things looking smooth.

Other improvements

The little fixes and improvements just keep on coming with Quark, and v.1.1.2 is not different. Check out our list of changes in this new release:

  • Added support for override styles on offline pages
  • Added support for displaying post images on K2’s tags page
  • Added the missing RSS icon to the K2 category page
  • Added missing alt attribute text to the image on K2’s user pages
  • Updated +1 button code when using the normal version of the Social API
  • Fixed a problem with the headers on category pages – from now on a module in the header position may replace the category page header if needed
  • Fixed problems with the breadcrumb module on subpages that used a large header
  • Fixed an issue related to an error message warning of an infinite redirect loop on page 404 that occasionally appeared
  • Fixed an issue with the submenu in the classic menu on tablets when the user switches between portrait and landscape views by rotating the device
  • Fixed a problem with queuing the submenu animation in the classic menu
  • Improved position of the classic menus on small desktop devices
  • Improved interval between the description of the author and a link to their website on K2 user pages
  • Fixed inconsistencies in naming some of the options in XML and template files
  • Improved data-order attribute in the PhotoSwipe gallery on mobile devices

What’s next?

In approximately two weeks we plan to release the next major version of the template – v.1.2.0, which will include an e-commerce style with support for VirtueMart, so you can use Quark as a one-stop shop too! Below is a little sneak peak at the design of this upcoming style:

Quark Theme Store Preview

As always, we look forward to your feedback and comments about this update and Quark in general. If there’s any features or fixes you’d like to see let us know in the comments; we read every comment and take all feedback on board when planning our future updates and improvements, so don’t be shy and make your opinion heard!

This article was first published April 17th, 2015