Robert Gavick

Robert Gavick

As his name may suggest, Robert is the CEO of the company, the head honcho, though don’t let him catch you saying that! A Polish native with an avid interest in design, Robert’s early experiences with web technology in a corporate setting eventually drove him to establish GavickPro way back in 2007 as a outlet for his ideas, where he could indulge his passion and cut loose with creative freedom.

Initially, it was a one-man operation with Robert designing, programming, developing and marketing each template released, but it wasn’t long before he sought to grow his team so as to provide a better service and focus more directly on the design aspect of the development process. The company quickly grew in scope and his team expanded with it.

Now with more than 8 years experience of building themes, Robert has lost none of his energy and still, despite his success, considers himself a merely a designer who happens to run a company, taking personal responsibility for designing every new template we release and maintaining a uniquely friendly work environment for his colleagues. With a keen eye for detail and a borderline-unhealthy obsession with staying up-to-date with all the new web design trends, Robert considers creativity as his main calling, so he can be found playing around with Photoshop while listening to rock music most of the day.

When not actively designing or tweaking a template, Robert enjoys spending time with his family, and continuing to indulge his creative streak by playing and composing music.

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