Technews Joomla template released for Joomla 3.8.1 and bug fixes

Today, we are happy to announce update release for TechNews Joomla Template for Joomla 3.8.1, K2 component upgrade and 20+ bug fixes. We are working on Joomla update, 3rd party extensions upgrade and bug fixes for other templates, releases will be announced soon.

Technews template release

Release Changelog:

  • Got some error on user profile page
  • Got error when edit a module on the frontend
  • Cant show meta info on the article
  • Article title on search result page displays error
  • Banner should be displayed fullwidth on small screen
  • Got css error on blog post when view on iphone
  • Menu should be highlight when it’s actived
  • Got css error on review page when view on iphone
  • Still show social icon when excluded it in a specify category
  • Got error when enable js compression
  • Tooltip displays error when hover title
  • Show duplicate title on contact us page
  • Cant open video on popup when click play icon
  • Cant show date on video module
  • Cant show custom field on frontend edit article page
  • Missing search and clear icon on tag item page
  • Missing recaptcha on the frontend edit article page
  • Cant show video play icon when view on iphone/ipad
  • Image on tagged item page displays error
  • Missing Gavickpro settings tab in the frontend edit article page
  • Cant hide menu item on the frontend
  • Css error on joomla blog page when view on IE browser

Vote for template you want us to update:

We have started working on the Gavick Templates update process and we would like to match our update tasks with the priorities of users.

If you have a template that you want us to update on priority, vote for it and we will get it updated faster for you.

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This article was first published November 6th, 2017