Tomasz Dziuda

Tomasz Dziuda

Tomasz Dzuida, known as Dziudek to his friends (which is pretty much everybody!) is the second half of the old guard. Joining forces with Robert Gavick way back in 2007 to make GavickPro a reality, Dziudek takes the lead whenever extensive coding knowledge and in-depth understanding of core web-development principles is required.

With extensive experience of Computer Science at an academic and practical level, Dziudek is responsible for the creation and development of our Joomla and WordPress products, including our Gavern Framework, News Show Pro modules, and pretty much anything else we’ve published in the last 8 years! What’s more, he’s actively contributed to many open-source projects, including WordPress itself.

Working out of Lodz in central Poland, Dziudek’s experience and clarity makes him a frequently requested speaker on Joomla and WordPress development and an active member of the community. He has helped to organize both JoomlaDay Poland 2013 and WordCamp Poland 2014, as well as WordUp in Lodz, and has given multiple presentations at these and other conferences on Joomla, WordPress, and web development in general.

Outside of his day-to-day work Dziudek also writes for his own blog,, where he provides help and information for Polish WordPress developers (you’ll often find translated versions of his articles on the GavickPro blog), and enjoys movies, board games and most anything creative, especially Lego!

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