What to do when you need articles with additional fields ?

All of us recommend to install the K2 component. This is generally a very good solution, but at the same time it is also a very complex and, for many people, a complicated extension to use.

All I wanted was to use the standard Joomla article system with additional fields for articles (or for the category), such as for images, videos, image galleries, date, form (Input, Textarea Select, Checkbox) and attachments. I did not want to use K2, so I went out to search for a simpler solution. We must remember that most clients want simple and structured data input screens.

After a while searching on JED I found Fields attach – and it was it. This component can be installed on Joomla 1.7 and the latest and recommended Joomla 2.5.

There are only few steps to use this extenstion

1. First, create a group in Fieldsattach and link it to:

  • Category (for category)
  • Category article (for a articles in a category)
  • Individual article (for single article)

2. Now, create one or more field(s) for the group. Also, if the field(s) will be searcheable or/and required.


3. Return to your article and save it once. Afterward, you will see displayed the new additional field or fields. Now simply fill them in by adding a file or simple text.


4. After saving your work, check that they are visible from the front-end.

In my current project I used only one additional type of input field to an editor’s website. I added a mandatory field where he will enter the reason for editing an article.

Download: www.fieldsattach.com

This article was first published April 10th, 2012