Highlighter GK5 – free Joomla news rotator module released

Yesterday, we released Highlighter module, which like Tabs, News Show Pro & Social belong to a new series of extensions – GK5.

This new version of Highlighter affords several new features and improvements in areas of administration and content display. Since GK5 version module is scalable, making it appropriate for websites based upon Responsive Web Design. We’ve also provided support for different javascript frameworks: Mootools and jQuery.

Highlighter GK5 – free Joomla news rotator module released

Highlighter GK5 introduces support for external data sources like JSON or XML files and includes several new animation types; some of them are based on CSS3 transforms. GK5 line also includes built-in Configuration Manager – well-known from our other extensions and templates.

Below, there is a list of improvements to be found in Highlighter GK5:

  • Configuration Manager (Load & Save configuration),
  • JSON and XML files support as external data sources,
  • Option to show K2 or Joomla! articles created in last X days,
  • Option to show All Joomla! or K2 articles,
  • Responsive structure and styles,
  • New animation types:
    • Slides (top and bottom variant)
    • Reveal (top and bottom variant)
    • Flip by X axis (using CSS3 transform)
    • Opacity animation
    • 3D rotation bar (using CSS3 transform)
    • Linear infinite scroller
  • Mootools & jQuery support
  • Cleaned HTML code
  • Recoded and refreshed back-end
  • Joomla! Update System support

Highlighter GK5 is available for both Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x version and can be downloaded from our website.

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This article was first published August 13th, 2013