Joomla 4 Tutorial: Types of custom fields in Joomla 4

Joomla 3.7 was released with new features of custom fields that allow users to add more information in the articles, user, contacts and newsfeed. In Joomla 4 we the custom fields are further implemented to make it more charming and useful. There are different types of fields Used in Joomla like Calendar, colour, editor etc. In this blog post, we will discuss the types of custom fields in Joomla 4. Joomla 4 custom fields

Need of custom fields

Before the introduction of custom fields in Joomla, it was hard for a user to implement new fields in the article, user group and contact forms. With this feature in Joomla, there is no need to edit the PHP files to define the new custom fields, it’s it takes few steps to add new fields with multiple options.

Custom fields and their types :

In the Joomla 4 left sidebar Content tab, there are two options Fields & Field Groups. Joomla 4 custom fields Fields: In the field’s options you can create new custom fields from 15 available types. Field Groups: In this options, you can create group of fields, that you can select when you create a new field in Joomla There are 15 types of custom fields present in Joomla that allow you to create a variety of new fields to add additional information to your articles.

1. Calendar

This fields is used to get a date from the calendar. Add the Title, description of the calendar and you can set it as Required as well. Joomla 4 custom fields

2. Checkboxes

The Checkboxes are used to choose a value from predefined values. Users can choose the option as per their choices like width and height in the options given below: Joomla 4 custom fields

3. Colour

This option allows users to select a colour, you can set a default value of colour as well. Joomla 4 custom fields

4. Editor

As the name suggested, Editor is used to writing text, add images. This option opens an editor box, like in the Joomla backend article manager editor or custom HTML module editor. You can show hide the buttons and set the editor width and height as well. Joomla 4 custom fields

5. Integer

This option will give an integer value from the list. You can set the first and last value with the step of increment. Joomla 4 custom fields

6. List

This option will give a list of values that added to the backend of list field and allow the user to select a value, like below Joomla extensions or Joomla templates. Joomla 4 custom fields

7. List of images

This option will give a list of the images, You can select the folder from which you would like to display the images. This option plays a good role to show the images on site. Joomla 4 custom fields

8. Media

This option a bit similar to a lit of images in case of selection only, Beside this its same like Joomla Media option to select the image. In Joomla Media, you can see all the folders with images but in this option, you will see the image only from the folder that is selected on the backend. Joomla 4 custom fields

9. Radio

This option will allow the user to select a value from the given option. In the radio options, use can only select one option, not multiple options. Joomla 4 custom fields

10. SQL

This option also give a selection of list. In this option, an SQL query will run to show the output. The query will give an output as value, in simple words the SQL query will fetch the data from Joomla site database and show the output options. Joomla 4 custom fields

11. Text

This is fields is normal text field used to show enter the text in it with an option to defined max character length. Joomla 4 custom fields

12. Text Area

The text area option is also used to enter the text character along with rows and columns with an option to restrict max character length. Joomla 4 custom fields

13. URL

As the name showing, its used to enter multiple types of URL`s like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPs etc. Joomla 4 custom fields

14. User

In this option, you can select one user in the selection fields to show it on site. Joomla 4 custom fields

15. User Groups

User group option is a bit similar to the user, in this fields you can select a group of users, like a guest, manager etc. from the list.

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