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Gavern WordPress Theme Framework – Introduction

While creating Gavern Framework, we have used our experiences from creating templates based on T3 Framework and from common problems which faced our customers. Gavern Framework is the combination of our templates best solutions, the same as, our ideas which solve a lot of problems occurred. Our main aim was to move possibly a large… Continue reading →

Gavern Framework for Joomla Templates – Fonts

One of the greatest features of CSS3 is the ability to use any fonts desired on Web pages. At GavickPro, we stopped our reliance on Cufon script entirely because we found it more comfortable and secure to use solutions based upon CSS3 (and some solutions included in Internet Explorer).

Gavern framework for Joomla 3.x – Social API

Social network services create some kind of container for websites, they are building connection networks through which we can access new recipients. It is a potential which cannot be wasted therefore Gavern Framework offers solutions which will allow to use possibilities offered by Facebook, Twitter or Delicious.

GK Cache & GK ExtCache Joomla Plugins

We want to inform you about important change. In all new templates based on new Gavern framework which support Responsive Web Design – we did not include & don’t need those cache plugins anymore – because this functionality is built into the template.

FB GK4 Facebook Joomla module

The FB GK4 module simplifies implementation of Facebook’s social plugins. There are two stages to its configuration. First, set the basic module options: Automatic URL – Save time by automatically setting the URL of the website on which the plugin is implemented. Domain and Application ID – These options must be set with data provided… Continue reading →

Discover our Joomla Template framework’s file structure

Template’s files and catalogs structure presents as follows: Main catalog – there is a main template file, XML file in this catalog which describes a template and files of supporting views, such as: error.php or offline.php admin – a catalog with supporting elements of template’s form options elements – additional elements template’s form options css… Continue reading →

Gavern Framework – An alternative to the plugins

One of the major benefits of the Gavern Framework is the simplified manner by which code fragments can be created which work in a fashion similar to typical plugins during the onAfterRender event. This article demonstrates how to write a simple plugin.

Gavern Framework – Page Layout Part 2

In the second part we will focus on modifications of template’s code itself which allow to gain modifications impossible to achieve by changes made in administrative panel.

Gavern Joomla Template Framework – Page Layout Part 1

Page layout modifications is one of the basic operations made while working with templates. It is very wide subject, therefore it will be presented in two parts. In the first part, we will present Gavern Framework configuration options, then, in the second part, we will focus on programmatic part which allows to do everything which… Continue reading →

Gavern 3.x – Layouts

One of the greatest changes in Gavern 3.0 is redesigned ‘Layouts’ tab. This part brings more functionalities and improvement user interface in managing template layouts. This Layout tab (section) is divided into four parts: Select device (desktop, tablet and mobile) Template width Template columns Sidebar override Template width option allows a user to specify width… Continue reading →

Fixing non-display of special characters in Squirrel Fonts

One source of fonts available for our templates and themes is the Font Squirrel. The installation of this fonts is more complex than in the case of Google Fonts or Adobe Edge Web Fonts, so we have documented it a separate article.

Gavern Framework for Joomla 3.x – Features

‘Features’ is one of the most advanced tab in template settings so we decided to divide it into several sections. First one is Logotypes and according to its name, it is related to logotype managing in a template.

Gavern framework for Joomla 3.x – Advanced Settings

In “Advanced Settings” tab it contains few options related to template performance – especially by cache settings. CSS cache option allows to limit data transfer for users who have visited our page previously.

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