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How to Add or Use Custom CSS in Template ?

Yes, you can customize Gavick Templates with your own custom CSS code by using the override CSS option in the template. Custom CSS gives you the power to make your own design. There are a few methods that will allow you customize the appearance of selected elements (like hide elements on a page, change font size or… Continue reading →

Gavern Framework – Introduction

While creating Gavern Framework, we have used our experiences from creating templates based on T3 Framework and from common problems which faced our customers. Gavern Framework is the combination of our templates best solutions, the same as, our ideas which solve a lot of problems occurred. Our main aim was to move possibly a large… Continue reading →

Gavern 3.x – Basic Settings

First tab visible in template settings is ‘Basic Settings‘ and it is responsible for layout configuration on administrative panel side. This tab is divided into three main sections: load/save/delete template settings area options connected with layout’s basic parameters overwriting template options A key feature introduced with Gavern Framework was the ability to save template settings… Continue reading →

Gavern 3.x – Layouts

One of the greatest changes in Gavern 3.0 is redesigned ‘Layouts’ tab. This part brings more functionalities and improvement user interface in managing template layouts. This Layout tab (section) is divided into four parts: Select device (desktop, tablet and mobile) Template width Template columns Sidebar override Template width option allows a user to specify width… Continue reading →

Gavern 3.x – Fonts

One of the greatest features of CSS3 is the ability to use any fonts desired on Web pages. At GavickPro, we stopped our reliance on Cufon script entirely because we found it more comfortable and secure to use solutions based upon CSS3 (and some solutions included in Internet Explorer). Greater flexibility The most important task… Continue reading →

Configuring special chars in Squirrel Fonts

One source of fonts available for our templates and themes is the Font Squirrel repository (http://www.fontsquirrel.com/). The installation of Squirrel fonts is more complex than in the case of Google Fonts or Adobe Edge Web Fonts, so we have documented it a separate article. Before selecting a font family from Font Squirrel, be certain to… Continue reading →

Configuring special chars in Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Adobe Edge Fonts is one of three collections of fonts – which includes Google Fonts and Squirrel Fonts — which our users use for their Web sites. Fonts sourced from Adobe Edge Fonts were added to our themes at the 2.13/3.6 version of our Gavern Framework. So, if you find you do not have Adobe… Continue reading →

Gavern 3.x – Features

‘Features’ is one of the most advanced tab in template settings so we decided to divide it into several sections. First one is Logotypes and according to its name, it is related to logotype managing in a template. Logotypes In this area, you can specify four logo types : Main logo for a desktop template… Continue reading →

Gavern 3.x – Menu

Gavern Framework have it’s configuration of Menu (navigation) in two different places. Plugin With the GK Extra Menu, we’ve added a plugin responsible for additional functions, resulting in additional options required to create particular menu positions: Show Title – option is to enable or disable display of the menu position name. This should be set… Continue reading →

Gavern 3.x – Social API

Social networks have proliferated our online lives. Services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Delicious, and others allow us to build connections between people, places, and even products. We can link with family, friends, associates, and even potential customers. This new era of communication and collaboration must not be missed. The Gavern Framework offers solutions to… Continue reading →