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General comments connected with extensions

In the case of our extensions installation, it has to be remembered that styles built in them may require CSS styling correction in CSS code of a template given. Of course our templates has built in styles for modules so in this case this problem does not occur. All our extensions are based on MooTools… Continue reading →

Taking advantage of our Joomla template special options and features

To fully maximize the potential you can get out of a GavickPro template, it is important to first read the template’s configuration manual. It is also important to inspect the four key pages located in each template we produce (these are also components of the demo content):

The GK Register Joomla module

GK Register is a simple module included with certain templates you may purchase from GavickPro. It is used to display a registration form within a module.

GK JomSocial Members module for Joomla

As with the GK JomSocial Stats module, GK JomSocial Members is used with templates designed to work with the popular JomSocial community-building component for Joomla. This module is used to present brief information from user profiles. It looks as follows:

GK JomSocial Stats module for Joomla social networks

The GK JomSocial Stats module accompanies templates which support the JomSocial component. It allows basic JomSocial user information to be displayed, including: recent website activity total number of users breakdown of users per gender The module can also be set to display a link to the last created group (using the small breadcrumbs option) and… Continue reading →

Stock GK1 stock exchange listing Joomla module

Stock GK 1 is a simple module used to present stock exchange listings. Its functionality is based upon the Google Finance API. The companies and names to be displayed on a chart are defined in the module settings. As it uses an external data source, the cURL library must be installed on the server. It… Continue reading →

Weather GK1 forecast module for Joomla

Weather GK 1 is simple and elegant module for presenting information about weather conditions and the forecast for a particular region. Icons representing day and night are displayed based on the location indicated. As this module utilizes the Google Weather API the cURL library must be installed on the server. It is important to set… Continue reading →

News Highlighter GK1 ticker tape module for Joomla

This easy-to-use module is used to create an animated rotator with headers and shortcuts to articles. It is an extremely useful extension for information websites. Configuration options are used to specify a number of parameters and to choose from the available module interface styles. Detailed information about this component may be found in the Help… Continue reading →

Tabs Manager GK3 module for Joomla

The Tabs Manager component is used to create and manage groups for the GK Tabs module. It is possible to embed the following types of content in tabs: modules articles XHTML code We advise using the built-in module positions in our templates with the following names: tab1, tab2, tab3, etc. As these positions do not… Continue reading →

Photoslide GK3 slide management Joomla module

Photoslide GK3 is a component for creating and managing groups of slides for the Image Show module. Detailed information about this component may be found in the Help File at the component download page. Image Show has three basic and universal styles. Additionally, every template for Joomla 1.5 has an individual Image Show module style.… Continue reading →

News Show Pro GK4 article showcase module for Joomla

The News Show Pro module establishes a Web page’s structure and content layout. It’s extended properties may be used to create a simple image gallery based upon article images. News Show Pro GK4 supports the following extensions: K2 – it is fully compatible regarding the presentation of articles and allows articles to be chosen based… Continue reading →

Typical Joomla template file issues, and how to fix them

Some questions are common and they appear quite often. Therefore, we would like to describe some typical problems which appear quite often after template’s installation or a Quickstart package. White blank page after Quickstart package/ template’s installation If a blank white page appear, in 99% cases it is caused by an error from PHP side… Continue reading →

Learn about the file structure in our Joomla template rest_files packages

rest_files package includes additional supplies and extensions strictly connected with a particular template. Below, there is a typical rest_files catalog structure. It is common for templates for Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.7/2.5 but if a template given does not include elements connected with a catalog given, then this catalog is not included in rest_files catalog.… Continue reading →

Joomla Templates for Joomla! 1.5; use these great extensions and modules

Our templates for Joomla 1.5 are based upon the T3 framework and they include many custom modifications. Each GavickPro template based on this framework includes support for the following Joomla extensions: News Show Pro GK4 module, K2 component, JComments component Additionally, depending on template’s theme or content type, the following extensions are used: Photoslide GK3… Continue reading →

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