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Gavern WordPress Theme Framework – Introduction

While creating Gavern Framework, we have used our experiences from creating templates based on T3 Framework and from common problems which faced our customers. Gavern Framework is the combination of our templates best solutions, the same as, our ideas which solve a lot of problems occurred. Our main aim was to move possibly a large… Continue reading →

Gavern Framework for Joomla Templates – Fonts

One of the greatest features of CSS3 is the ability to use any fonts desired on Web pages. At GavickPro, we stopped our reliance on Cufon script entirely because we found it more comfortable and secure to use solutions based upon CSS3 (and some solutions included in Internet Explorer).

Gavern framework for Joomla 3.x – Social API

Social network services create some kind of container for websites, they are building connection networks through which we can access new recipients. It is a potential which cannot be wasted therefore Gavern Framework offers solutions which will allow to use possibilities offered by Facebook, Twitter or Delicious.

Changing your Gavern Joomla framework website’s logo

In Gavern Framework, we improved options connected with website’s logo significantly. A logo is used in a few places and forms. It has to be remembered that except a website, a logo is used on e.g. a printable version of a website. Most of typical options can be specified from a template’s options level.

Common Joomla template issues regarding third-party extensions

Often what at first glance appears to be an issue with a Joomla! template may actually be caused by incompatibilities with a third-party extension or module. These issues are not necessarily resolved by being downloaded from an “official” source, simply because the scope and flexibility of Joomla allows for a significant amount of user modification… Continue reading →

Taking advantage of our Joomla template special options and features

To fully maximize the potential you can get out of a GavickPro template, it is important to first read the template’s configuration manual. It is also important to inspect the four key pages located in each template we produce (these are also components of the demo content):

Photoslide GK3 slide management Joomla module

Photoslide GK3 is a component for creating and managing groups of slides for the Image Show module. Detailed information about this component may be found in the Help File at the component download page. Image Show has three basic and universal styles. Additionally, every template for Joomla 1.5 has an individual Image Show module style.… Continue reading →

Typical Joomla template file issues, and how to fix them

Some questions are common and they appear quite often. Therefore, we would like to describe some typical problems which appear quite often after template’s installation or a Quickstart package. White blank page after Quickstart package/ template’s installation If a blank white page appear, in 99% cases it is caused by an error from PHP side… Continue reading →

Joomla Templates for Joomla! 1.5; use these great extensions and modules

Our templates for Joomla 1.5 are based upon the T3 framework and they include many custom modifications. Each GavickPro template based on this framework includes support for the following Joomla extensions: News Show Pro GK4 module, K2 component, JComments component Additionally, depending on template’s theme or content type, the following extensions are used: Photoslide GK3… Continue reading →

A description of the files available for our templates for Joomla

There are three files connected with GavickPro template: A package with a template – it is a *.tgz or *.zip file including a template’s name in its name and Joomla! version for which a given template was prepared, e.g. gk_corporate_J!1.5.tgz is a Corporate template prepared for Joomla! 1.5 whereas gk_coffe_J!1.6.zip is a Coffe template prepared… Continue reading →

Discover our Joomla Template framework’s file structure

Template’s files and catalogs structure presents as follows: Main catalog – there is a main template file, XML file in this catalog which describes a template and files of supporting views, such as: error.php or offline.php admin – a catalog with supporting elements of template’s form options elements – additional elements template’s form options css… Continue reading →

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