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Joomla Image Show GK4 Slideshow Module

Image Show GK4 – a slideshow module for Joomla! (2.5/3.x), using it you can create an attractive slideshow on a site which include various images and article fragments or texts defined by a user. You can enable Random slides order or use manual order. Module is mobile compatible & responsive design (adapts the image to… Continue reading →

News rotators with the Highlighter GK4 Joomla module

HIGHLIGHTER GK4 – is a simple Joomla! module for making a rotator for article headers. This is ideal solution for News websites to present short informations (for example, the results of football game) from Last Minute. Here are a couple of sample implementations:

General comments connected with extensions

In the case of our extensions installation, it has to be remembered that styles built in them may require CSS styling correction in CSS code of a template given. Of course our templates has built in styles for modules so in this case this problem does not occur. All our extensions are based on MooTools… Continue reading →

Common Joomla template issues regarding third-party extensions

Often what at first glance appears to be an issue with a Joomla! template may actually be caused by incompatibilities with a third-party extension or module. These issues are not necessarily resolved by being downloaded from an “official” source, simply because the scope and flexibility of Joomla allows for a significant amount of user modification… Continue reading →

The GK Register Joomla module

GK Register is a simple module included with certain templates you may purchase from GavickPro. It is used to display a registration form within a module.

GK JomSocial Members module for Joomla

As with the GK JomSocial Stats module, GK JomSocial Members is used with templates designed to work with the popular JomSocial community-building component for Joomla. This module is used to present brief information from user profiles. It looks as follows:

GK reCaptcha plugin for Joomla

“reCaptcha” is one of the new features added to the core with Joomla 2.5.x. If you”ve installed this version of Joomla (or more recent), then the reCaptcha plugin should be visible in the Plugin Manager view. Previous versions of Joomla (1.0.x, 1.5.x, and 1.7) required multiple steps to implement spam protection on your Joomla site.… Continue reading →

GK JomSocial Stats module for Joomla social networks

The GK JomSocial Stats module accompanies templates which support the JomSocial component. It allows basic JomSocial user information to be displayed, including: recent website activity total number of users breakdown of users per gender The module can also be set to display a link to the last created group (using the small breadcrumbs option) and… Continue reading →

FB GK4 Facebook Joomla module

The FB GK4 module simplifies implementation of Facebook’s social plugins. There are two stages to its configuration. First, set the basic module options: Automatic URL – Save time by automatically setting the URL of the website on which the plugin is implemented. Domain and Application ID – These options must be set with data provided… Continue reading →

News Show Pro GK4 article-showcase Joomla module

News Show Pro GK4 is a complex module for presenting content. Thanks to extended options, it allows to adjust content look very easily. Basic module settings are in “Basic Settings” tab: Except specifying module suffix and ID, we can specify module width in per cents and define font size to Basic size. The next group… Continue reading →

Stock GK1 stock exchange listing Joomla module

Stock GK 1 is a simple module used to present stock exchange listings. Its functionality is based upon the Google Finance API. The companies and names to be displayed on a chart are defined in the module settings. As it uses an external data source, the cURL library must be installed on the server. It… Continue reading →

Weather GK1 forecast module for Joomla

Weather GK 1 is simple and elegant module for presenting information about weather conditions and the forecast for a particular region. Icons representing day and night are displayed based on the location indicated. As this module utilizes the Google Weather API the cURL library must be installed on the server. It is important to set… Continue reading →

News Highlighter GK1 ticker tape module for Joomla

This easy-to-use module is used to create an animated rotator with headers and shortcuts to articles. It is an extremely useful extension for information websites. Configuration options are used to specify a number of parameters and to choose from the available module interface styles. Detailed information about this component may be found in the Help… Continue reading →

Tabs Manager GK3 module for Joomla

The Tabs Manager component is used to create and manage groups for the GK Tabs module. It is possible to embed the following types of content in tabs: modules articles XHTML code We advise using the built-in module positions in our templates with the following names: tab1, tab2, tab3, etc. As these positions do not… Continue reading →

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