Integrating Gravatar with the Joomla com_content component

When building your online presence it pays to have a easily-recognizable avatar, and with Gravatar you can instantly access your unique image on sites across the web. Joomla websites don’t include this feature as standard, but integrating it is easy in this simple developer’s tutorial.

Language overrides in Joomla

Joomla includes many options for building a multilanguage website; you can add your own language text easily to your content, and modules or templates can include language files ready to be modified. However, Joomla also offers an alternative method, called Language Overrides, which may be a more comfortable option.

Filtering Joomla search results on your website

The third entry in our Joomla tricks series steps back from the hard coding of previous articles and looks at something even beginners can appreciate; filtering searches to limit results by category, site location and more. Learn how it works in the complete tutorial.

Plugin functionality without plugins in Joomla! templates

In part 2 of our series on Joomla coding tips and tricks, we look at how we can apply some minor functionalities usually reserved for plugins and place them instead directly in the template code; read on to find out how!

Secure your Joomla! website with two-factor authentication

Want to make your Joomla website even more secure? Consider utilizing two-factor authentication, which was added back in Joomla 3.2 and can provide additional security layers that will keep the hackers at bay!

Why your website may not pass the Google mobile-friendly test

Mobiles make up a large part of the internet-browsing community today, and Google have acknowledged this by officially taking your site’s mobile-friendliness into account when deciding search position. This is a big change, but thankfully our templates are already up to standard. However, some users have run into issues, and we take a quick look at the causes of and solutions to the most common reasons for your GavickPro-based site falling short.

Detect when your browser goes offline with offline.js

Most browsers have some kind of protection to save your work if the worst happens and you lose your internet connection in the middle of editing, but there are still cases where disconnections can make a mess of your hard work. With the offline.js library, you can protect your work from random connection drops. Read on and learn how it’s done!

A beginner’s intro to FTP

FTP is a basic requirement for users looking to make a template or theme their own. With it, you can add your own CSS rules and PHP code, run updates to themes without losing changes, bulk-install plugins; the list goes on. In this article, we’ll provide a basic introduction for absolute beginners that will help you start your journey of discovery!

Controlling Facebook Link Previews and Getting to know Open Graph

Links shared as a content of Facebook status often don’t meet our predictions. Fortunately Facebook prepared a special protocol called Open Graph, which was prepared for solving issues with sharing content on our statuses. Open Graph is a best solution when you need to adjust title, description and the image for your needs.