Speed-up your website with these simple .htaccess tricks

The modern internet is fast-paced, and your website needs to be as fast as possible if it’s to attract repeat viewings. In this guide, we’ll examine how you can use a simple .htaccess file to provide a significant speed boost for your site that’s sure to keep your visitors happy!

Changing the template name: a relatively pain-free guide

Worried that a client will see the template name in the loaded CSS or JS paths of the website you made and jump to conclusions? Follow this step by step guide and learn how to change the template name to prevent embarrassment or confusion!

How to use Disqus comments on your Joomla website?

Disqus is one of the most popular comments system on the web today, and it’s very easy to install on any platform you use. Thanks to a dedicated system plugin for Joomla getting your Joomla site updated with Disqus is much easier than with a regular HTML website.

How to add and use Font Awesome icons?

Nowadays, icons appear everywhere and people just love them. This is due to the fact that it’s really easier to simply click on icon or on text with icon than click on the text only. Graphic icons are able to provide better user experience. Hence, icons are visible on buttons, navigation, social blocks, etc. There are quite many icon fonts available for you, but undoubtedly, but the most popular is the Font Awesome one.

Ani.js – yet another handy library to create advanced CSS animations

scrollReveal.js is a great library for creating reveal animations, but what if you want to go further? AniJS is another library for creating animated content, but it goes much further. In this article, we’ll be covering putting this amazing functionality to work!

How to detect a browser’s HTML5 and CSS3 features?

Building a webpage that takes advantage of modern web-design developments can be frustrating, since it’s hard to know whether a particular feature will be supported across all the different browser versions a visitor could be running. Read on and find out how to detect a browser’s features, stress free!

How to easily create resolution-independent social icons

Social media is a big part of modern web success, so you’ll need the right social icons to make your Joomla or WordPress site stand out from the crowd. Follow our guide and learn how you can make a huge amount of social icons for your site quickly and easily

scrollReveal.js – the easiest way to create on-scroll animations on your Joomla website

On-scroll animations are one of the most popular and enduring web-development techniques from recent years; with them, HTML elements remain hidden until the user scrolls the page, whereupon the element reveals itself with an impressive (assuming you’ve coded it correctly!) animation that makes your site look dynamic and modern, unlike the static pages of old. In our latest business-focused templates such as MO and John S we included a helpful additional script called scrollReveal.js, which allows customers to define animations without any HTML or CSS knowledge.

A relative-layman’s look at the News 2 Joomla template

News 2 is the latest premium Joomla template from GavickPro, and as always I’m going to look at it with the eye of someone who doesn’t know that much about Joomla, but knows what he likes. Let’s sally forth, and see what News 2 has up its sleeves (if it had sleeves).