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Modifying your WordPress site logo

Many of our GK themes display by default Template Title as logo added using CSS styles. But you can change your site title in Template Name → Template Options then select Theme Branding. Select Image logo from Theme logo type option. Click Upload Image and browse for the logo file on your hard drive. Once… Continue reading →

Hide your WordPress widget title for a cleaner site view

Widgets were originally designed to provide a simple and easy-to-use way of giving design and structure control of WordPress to the user. We have added a new feature to our GavernWP Framework that allows Widget titles to be hidden using an simple exclamation mark.

GavernWP WordPress Theme Framework: Features settings

The Features settings section contains settings (parameters) associated with additional features. Since old version of WordPress framework some options have been moved to this tab from others to be more intuitive.

GavernWP WordPress Theme Framework: Font settings

The selection of fonts appropriate for the display of text is a key element in developing an appealing look for a website. Using different settings from the “Font settings” tab allows you to configure parameters for theme fonts. You probably would need to use different font styles for headings, paragraphs and so on. However, all… Continue reading →

Shortcodes settings for the WordPress GavernWP framework

WordPress shortcodes were introduced in version 2.5 and since then they become one of the most useful features. Shortcodes are macro codes for use in post content, but they dont’ have to be used by everyone. As XHTML code for most typography elements may be manually-generated, not all CSS and JavaScript files associated with Shortcodes… Continue reading →

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