Weekend Updates : 19 Joomla templates updated for Joomla 3.9.11

19 gavick Joomla templates updated This weekend we releasing updates for 2 Joomla templates for bug fixes and re-exported quickstart packages for 17 Joomla templates for Joomla 3.9.11 compatibility. All New Joomla templates quickstart packages fully support latest Joomla 3.9.11 Here’s the list of the 6 templates quickstarts getting updated in this batch.
  1. GK Quark
  2. GK Hotel
  3. GK Blend
  4. GK Wedding
  5. GK Infinity
  6. GK Evonews
  7. GK decor
  8. GK Stora
  9. GK Storefront
  10. GK Box
  11. GK Quark Ecommerce
  12. GK Quark Restaurant
  13. GK Events
  14. GK SteakHouse
  15. GK Writer
  16. GK Photo
  17. GK John
  18. GK News 2
  19. Gk Mo

GK Quark

GK Quark universal joomla template Quark represents an evolution in Joomla 3 templates, offering quick-switch styles that let you swap out different looks for your website in record time, with each style bringing new features, functionality and visuals that work in tandem to provide a spectacular user experience. From dining to ecommerce, events to business promotion and many more besides, Quark is the ultimate starting point for the website of your dreams.

GK Quark Template – Version 1.2.7

  • Some style issues with GK Quark Restaurant

GK Hotel Template

 hotel joomla template GK Hotel A complete hotel template for Joomla designed for all sizes of accommodation providers, from small boutique hotels to huge popular resorts, or for culture-focused attractions such as museums. Image-packed frontpage sections with eclectic, interesting content including slideshows can be used to inform guests of the important aspects and values of your hotel, and support for the Solidres extension provides all the reservation and room sales functionality you could possibly need, all styled for a seamless booking experience.

GK Hotel Template – Version 1.2.3

  • Issue with Price format in NSP module in Solidres 2.8.0

List of Templates quickstart packages updated :

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This article was first published August 23rd, 2019