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Gavern WordPress Theme Framework – Introduction

While creating Gavern Framework, we have used our experiences from creating templates based on T3 Framework and from common problems which faced our customers. Gavern Framework is the combination of our templates best solutions, the same as, our ideas which solve a lot of problems occurred. Our main aim was to move possibly a large… Continue reading →

News rotators with the Highlighter GK4 Joomla module

HIGHLIGHTER GK4 – is a simple Joomla! module for making a rotator for article headers. This is ideal solution for News websites to present short informations (for example, the results of football game) from Last Minute. Here are a couple of sample implementations:

Changing your Gavern Joomla framework website’s logo

In Gavern Framework, we improved options connected with website’s logo significantly. A logo is used in a few places and forms. It has to be remembered that except a website, a logo is used on e.g. a printable version of a website. Most of typical options can be specified from a template’s options level.

General comments connected with extensions

In the case of our extensions installation, it has to be remembered that styles built in them may require CSS styling correction in CSS code of a template given. Of course our templates has built in styles for modules so in this case this problem does not occur. All our extensions are based on MooTools… Continue reading →

GK Cache & GK ExtCache Joomla Plugins

We want to inform you about important change. In all new templates based on new Gavern framework which support Responsive Web Design – we did not include & don’t need those cache plugins anymore – because this functionality is built into the template.

FB GK4 Facebook Joomla module

The FB GK4 module simplifies implementation of Facebook’s social plugins. There are two stages to its configuration. First, set the basic module options: Automatic URL – Save time by automatically setting the URL of the website on which the plugin is implemented. Domain and Application ID – These options must be set with data provided… Continue reading →

Typical Joomla template file issues, and how to fix them

Some questions are common and they appear quite often. Therefore, we would like to describe some typical problems which appear quite often after template’s installation or a Quickstart package. White blank page after Quickstart package/ template’s installation If a blank white page appear, in 99% cases it is caused by an error from PHP side… Continue reading →

Learn about the file structure in our Joomla template rest_files packages

rest_files package includes additional supplies and extensions strictly connected with a particular template. Below, there is a typical rest_files catalog structure. It is common for templates for Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.7/2.5 but if a template given does not include elements connected with a catalog given, then this catalog is not included in rest_files catalog.… Continue reading →

Installing the Joomla Typography plugin for Joomla! 2.5/3.x

A typography plug in is available in rest_files package in plugins catalog. In the case when we do not use a Quickstart package, it has to be installed separately. After installation, a new “typography” button under the editor should appear: Detailed plug in configuration is described in the following article: Gavern Framework – Refreshed Typography.… Continue reading →

Discover our Joomla Template framework’s file structure

Template’s files and catalogs structure presents as follows: Main catalog – there is a main template file, XML file in this catalog which describes a template and files of supporting views, such as: error.php or offline.php admin – a catalog with supporting elements of template’s form options elements – additional elements template’s form options css… Continue reading →

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